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June 13, 2019 @ 6:00 pm 8:30 pm Stolen and Unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil Waututh, in so-called Vancouver

*Choose Your Own Way

Hungry: An Interactive Adventure Salon

Featuring: K. Alix Anttila, Toren Atkinson, Louise Chow, Emile Koelhuis, Emily Papel, Kay Slater, Chris Slater, Lisa Smedman, TomoRobo, and Brendan Vance

Our inaugural group of ClubIF Jammers (now The Papercut Arcade) were an eclectic bunch of animators, artists, designers, musicians, programmers, and writers playing with the “Choose Your Own Adventure” concept around the chosen theme of “HUNGER”. Featuring the work of Alix AnttilaToren AtkinsonLouise ChowEmile KoelhuisEmily PapelKay SlaterChristopher Alan SlaterLisa SmedmanTomoRobo, and Brendan Vance.

We’re in the process of collecting and consolidating all of the event content onto the website. If you were one of our creators, please be sure to fill out and return the Google Form (sent via Facebook) so that we can feature your work on this website!

Check out some of the featured projects from our event:

Our application process for CYOW events was very informal. As long as folks adhered to basic rules of respect, were willing to label any content that might have been unsuitable for public consumption, and were willing to challenge themselves to produce work on theme with the event – you were welcome. The CYOW jam (which happened throughout November) involved conversation and sharing our our social media platforms. The final salon event showcased work that was produced and our collective members reserved the right to review and approve all materials presented at our public event.


We tried to drive some donations on behalf of the GVFB (Greater Vancouver Food Bank). In fact, here’s the link to our donation page if you want to continue making contributions on our behalf!

The Papercut Arcade defines *artist as a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, photographer, painter, novelist, poet, or filmmaker. The keyword is practice; therefore, if you make art or produce work with the intent of participating in a The Papercut Arcade challenge or exhibition, you ARE an artist.

CYOA = > CYOW: We had previously called these events CYOA in honour of our childhood love of Choose Your Own Adventure Gamebooks. They shaped who we are now as people. However; one of the original authors has since formed a new company and formalized a trademark with which they are going after indie game designers and publishers. Rather than deal with any of that (but still keeping in the spirit of the choose your own narrative adventure games), we’ve renamed our narrative events CYOW or Choose Your Own Way.

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