CYOW #1: Hunger Projects

The Time-Traveler’s Apprentice: A Choose Your Own Culinary Adventure

Zine/Booklet & Index Card Interactive Project, Hungry: An Interactive Adventure Salon, June 2019

Creator: K. Alix Anttila
Exhibition: Hungry: An Interactive Adventure Salon
Published: June 2019
Format: Zine/Booklet & Index Cards, One Player
Access: Written English

Under the theme of “Hunger”, this work explores the origin of common (and sometimes uncommon) foods.

K. Alix Anttila

Description of the Work

A task-oriented CYOA that takes the participant on a journey through time and geography to explore how landscape, trade, and history affect the modern diet, while also giving small glimpses into the cultures, societies, and trade-routes of the past.

Process & Project Photos

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