Community Events

These events are hosted externally and are not affiliated with The Papercut Arcade Collective, but our collective members and associate members have expressed an interest, are planning a submission, or have committed to participating. Hosting an event you’d like shared with The Papercut Arcade Collective and our members? Let us know.

Come out and support the creative community, check out our work, and we’ll see you there!

Online Only:

#Mermay: May 1st -30th. An online social, creative event. Our #meroticmay will run concurrently and some member’s submissions may have some cross over. Check it out:

24-hour Comic Day (time-shifted for the Papercut Arcade): August 22. This excellent event started by Scott McCloud runs every year on the first Saturday of October. Unfortunately, many of our collective members struggle to take on any additional projects in October so we agreed to host our own time-shifted event on the 22nd of August. We’ll post in real-time in August, and then latergram it again come October. Join us, or get ready for the event in October – either way, let’s get motivated! A “true 24 hour comic” is done by one person in 24 hours. The point of a 24 hour comics event is that each person is trying to complete a 24 page comic.

Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver:

BYOB, a VIVO fundraiser: Postponed to Fall 2020. VIVO’s annual fundraiser Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB)! The event, conceived by Dutch-Brazilian artist Rafaël Rozendaal, is a one-night screening where artists display their video or film work using their own projector. Formats of all varieties will be presented simultaneously, across the walls of VIVO’s 2,000 square foot studio space, with performances by local DJ’s. Collective member Kay Slater participated in 2019, and is working with collective members Louise Chow, and Christopher Alan Slater on a new, original work for 2020. Come support this excellent organization.

STICKY A Post-It Note Art Show: October 3rd, 2020. For the second year, Hot Art Wet City presents STICKY. The show features over a thousand tiny, original, pieces of art made on 3×3 inch Post-It notes! In 2019, over 140 artists contributed 6–10 pieces each, with 1100+ Post-Its priced at $20/each. The focus is on great art from local and international talent at a very affordable price. Many of our members plan to participate again this year. Sticky 2 @ the Arts Factory

Past Community Events of 2020:

Boobies & Wieners 7, February 2020: Collective members Louise Chow, Kay Slater, and Christopher Alan Slater all participated in this event. It was a blast! Check out their profiles for links to the work on their personal portfolios. (Featured photo on the page is from that event).