Kay Slater

Instagram: @kdotca
Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver
Collective Member.

Artist Statement

“I like to explore concepts of worth using unconventional materials and by questioning traditional display and exhibition standards – especially through a lens focused on accessibility. I obsessively archive my process and am constantly working to embrace mistakes. I build workshops that help participants value (and delight in) the act of making which ultimately reduces the pressure people feel to create a finished, perfect product.”

Kay Slater, 2019


Kay Slater is a queer, multidisciplinary artist. An illustrator, preparator, and creative problem solver, their artistic practice explores value as it relates to materials, experience and expectations. Kay is committed to expanding art making opportunities in the city where both verbal and non-verbal communication is used and where no one is ever turned away. Kay subscribes to the philosophy of the New Sincerity which strives to “be more awesome”. Kay uses fluid pronouns They/She, Them/Her in person, and They/Them/Theirs exclusively online.

The Papercut Arcade Projects: