CYOW #1: Hunger Projects


Instagram Story Narrative Experiment, Hungry: An Interactive Adventure Salon, June 2019

Creator: Kay Slater
Exhibition: Hungry: An Interactive Adventure Salon
Published: June 2019
Format: Instagram, Prototype Paper Zine, One Player
Access: Written English, Requires Instagram to run

I love challenges when I can push what is possible and delight in the making process. In the end, I decided to satisfy (the theme and) my craving by mastering the Instastory platform (something which I had been struggling to do since its inception). To my happy surprise, the challenge became all the more juicy when I learned that the insta-format canvas only kept things live and sequential for 24 hours (and that once posted, it could only be deleted and not resorted).

Also, cursed apples.

Kay Slater

Description of the Work

From paper flip book to instagram, this project encompasses my learning the instastories platform, my live story prototype and the final CYOA project. The prototype combined hand-drawn elements from previous projects with instagram interactivity and animation. During the Salon, I reposted the game story in sequence (with final artwork) for anyone with access to a web browser. This has now been archived in my IG highlights @kdotca

Project Files

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