CYOW #2: Home Projects

MermInsta II: The Purple Path

Twine Story Narrative Experiment, Home: An Interactive Adventure Salon, November 2019

Creator: Kay Slater
Exhibition: Home: An Interactive Adventure Salon
Published: November 2019
Format: Twine
Access: Browser (contains javascript).

My hope had been to complete a sequel to my first game in this series where the player is helping a cursed mercreature to reclaim her voice, her legs, her identity, and finally, her home.

On how this project related to the CYOW theme: Home

Description of the Work

This project…spiralled for me. I had the entire game mapped out on paper as of the first of the month, but struggled to commit to a design platform. I redesigned the game layout in illustrator. I rewrote each interaction in google sheets. I shifted it to adobe XD. I was my own worst enemy, refusing to move into twine because I was stubbornly committed to publishing to instagram like I had in our previous game jam. Ultimately, 3 days before we hosted our salon, I moved everything into twine, resigned myself to a work-in-progress “end product”, and gave myself the new goal of “show something with some pretty pictures”. The design, UI, and illustration/game asset creation continues to be my favourite part of a game jam which can cause me issues when I sit down to write. I still wouldn’t call this exercise a failure as I believe that learning requires one to deal with roadblocks and to overcome challenges. *I* just happened to be my biggest obstacle this time.

Project Files

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