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The Great Selfie Battle #3

November 23rd 2019

Gallery below.

Collective Photo Challenge: Self portrait snapshots on a theme.

Embrace the selfie.

Featuring photography by: Louise Chow, Christopher Alan Slater, Kay Slater.

The self portrait, a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist*, has a long and noble tradition. The selfie however is often associated with low art and derided for it’s casual and ephemeral nature. From duck face to selfie sticks, it is not a type of self-portrait that commands much respect. This makes it the perfect method by which we can practice our photography and creativity without the worry of being “a good photographer”.

This past November, a few members of our collective published the results from our Selfie Battle list of photo prompts. The only restrictions for this challenge are that participants be the focus of each shot, that each selfie be in some way connected to a prompt, and that the final snapshot be uploaded to social media using our collaborative hashtag.

Prompts for 2019 (5 more than last year):

  1. The future
  2. Drag
  3. Metalhead
  4. Underwater
  5. Going Up
  6. Hammer Time
  7. Toss Up
  8. Throw Down
  9. Fisticuffs
  10. Either Or
  11. Friendship is magic
  12. Working
  13. Sweat
  14. Obscured
  15. Game

Artists were encouraged to embrace all the elements and tools used to produce a series of selfies tagged with #GreatSelfieBattle2019. Photos were shared via social media (any channel was fine) with the understanding that The Papercut Arcade would collect and repost on their instagram channel to archive the event. The challenge remain closed for one more year as we figured out how we want to open the challenge to others and how to ultimately present this work going forward.

Collective members Kay Slater and Louise Chow have engaged in this challenge (of their own making) for the past two years. Check out #GreatSelfieBattle2018 and #GreatSelfieBattle2017 on instagram for previous years!

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