Haven't Got A Clue


Creator: Chris Slater
Exhibition: Haven’t Got a Clue Game Remix
Published: July 2021
Format: Tabletop Simulator workshop, Rules pdf
Content Advisories: None

Image description: A green card back, with a darker green fingerprint with the words, “Assassin Clue a.k.a. Clussassin” printed on the top. The word “Assassin” and “Clussassin” are in a dark, red handwritten font style, “Clue” is in a white blockier font style and the “a.k.a.” is the same white, but handwritten.

Description of the Work

A board game for 3-6 players.

Every character invited to Mr. Boddy’s mansion is an assassin, as well as the target of another assassin at the mansion. Clussassin utilizes a modified version of the rules of the game Assassin and uses most of the components from the game Clue.

Project Files

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