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Haven’t Got a Clue

A game jam & event by curator Lisa Smedman.
Live salon: Saturday July 17, 2021 – 7 to 9:30 pm.

Salon – Saturday, July 17th @ 7 P.M.

Live event on Discord – join us at

Below are links to the game remix projects, and associated essays.

SoliClue – by Alix Anttila

Campus Life Undergrads on Ecstacy – by Jon Dawes

True Colors – by Lisa Smedman

Clussassin – by Chris Slater

Looking For A Clue As To Why… – by Kay Slater

Video Description: A walkthrough of the works presented in the Haven’t Got a Clue, Game Remix exhibitions. Each artist and game designer walks the viewer through their process. Video has chapter breaks, is in English and has English captions.

Deadline for Submissions – June 30, 2021

During the month of June, game designers and artists will be “jamming” to create games and works of art that take Clue as their inspiration. The resulting works will be showcased at an online Salon on Saturday, July 17, 2021.

Game submissions can be digital (video games) or tabletop (card and board games). We encourage designers of the latter to upload their games to Tabletop Simulator (available on Steam), so that salon attendees can play them in a virtual space. An online workshop on how to use Tabletop Simulator and how to upload games will be held during the month of June.

Art submissions can take whatever form you like – visual art, performance art, poetry or prose, music – all disciplines are welcome.

A big part of the Clue board game is that its characters are each inspired by a different color. As part of the jamming process, we invite you to choose a color to inspire and influence your work. This additional criteria is optional – but if a particular color moves you, then run with it!

There will be a number of events and workshops during the month of June.

Wednesday, June 9 @ 6:30 pm – Learn how to use Tabletop Simulator, a virtual game space that’s great for prototyping and playing your board and card games. Join us for the live workshop and Q&A on Discord.

Sunday, June 13 @ 7 pm – A decade before Clue was invented, the board game Mr. Ree! encouraged players to murder each other while a detective (Mr. Ree) tried to figure out whodunnit. We’ll be playing the 1957 version of this game on Tabletop Simulator (Steam) and streaming our gameplay.

Saturday, June 19 @ 1 pm – A “home drive in” screening of the 1985 mystery/comedy movie Clue. We invite you to create a car, made from cardboard, inspired by one of the characters from Clue. We’ll upload images of each of us sitting in our cardboard creations, then watch the movie together on Discord.

Saturday, June 26 @ 6:30 pm – a workshop on game design by Papercut Arcade collective member Jon Dawes on Discord. “Have you ever gone through the rules of a game only to find they lack clarity? Sometimes an ambiguously written rule can confuse players and even cause conflict. Worse still are missing rules for situations that come up in play. In this workshop, we will bring our almost complete game remix rules to discuss with our fellow game designers how they can be improved before submission. This is not a presentation, so come ready to work!”

Wednesday, June 17 & 24 – Hang out with members of the Papercut Arcade on Discord to chat about your ideas and how your game or art project is coming along.

For our previous game remix jam & salon – check out last year’s: Jabblescram!

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