Haven't Got A Clue


Creator: K. Alix Anttila
Exhibition: Haven’t Got a Clue Game Remix
Published: July 2021
Format: board game
Content Advisories: none

Image description: The words “SoliClue” and “by K. Alix Anttila” inside a gray diamond atop a black background.

Description of the Work

For the Clue Game Remix challenge, I wanted to develop a solitaire version of the game. As someone who loves Clue, but lives alone, I wanted to take the opportunity to change the game into something that I could enjoy without other players.

I also used the challenge as an excuse to develop my own custom game skin. The custom board is themed around the Korean musicians BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), and rooms and places that we’ve been able to see based on the content they’ve released over the years (This includes their dorm, their personal studios, and various other rooms owned or rented by their record label). The board is set in the year 2019. The custom objects are based on the personalities and hobbies enjoyed by the members of the band. The hallways and rooms aren’t attached to each other, so that if I want to update the rooms to their 2021 or later equivalents, I can do so without also needing to remake the hallways.

Artist Statement

I explore history and culture in my work, with a particular fascination for the small details that shape cultures globally and the different ways in which we experience the world depending on time, location, and community.

Project Files

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