Selfie Series


Photography, Lost, Selfie Series, Dec 2021

Creator: Lisa Smedman
Exhibition: Selfie Series #4
Published: December 2021
Format: Digital Photography
Content Advisories: XXX

Photograph, artist work titled "Lost"
Image Description: The photographer gazes into mirrors that reflect off each other, showing ever-smaller reflections of a photo of her father she holds in her hand.

Artist Statement

A video segment from our December 28th salon tour video, presenting Lisa’s work.

When I was a little girl, my father would open the mirrored door of the bathroom medicine cabinet as far as it would go, so that it reflected back upon itself in the main mirror. We would then “count the Lisas” that disappeared into infinity. In this photo, I like the way my father disappears and becomes lost. He died many years ago, at about the age I am now.

Project Files

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