Christopher Alan Slater CYOW #4: Blackout Projects

Flight Night

Interactive Fiction (Twine), Chapter One: Flight Night
CYOW #4 Blackout Salon, May 2021

Creator: Christopher Alan Slater
Exhibition: CYOW 4: Blackout
Published: May 2021
Format: Twine (Chapbook 1.2.1)
Content Warning: scary situations, weird vibes

Artist’s Statement

The intersection of Game, Narrative, and Art is where I like to exist. I create and host interactive storytelling experiences that invite participatory play and collaborative exploration. I like to explore themes and genres of: psychological horror, dreamscapes, surrealism, and science fiction.

Description of the Work

My project for this the Blackout themed CYOW, I made a short interactive fiction piece, which has the potential to become a chapter of a larger story. For now though, it’s called Chapter One: Flight Night. It definitely has the surreal, dream-like horror buildup that I prefer, and I think it will be quite obvious to the reader how it connects to Blackout theme.

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