Inedible Cakes Projects

Edible and Medicinal Indigenous Foods of the Chilliwack River Valley

Illustration, Inedible Cakes, February 2020

Creator: Heather Bell
Exhibition: Inedible Cakes
Published: February 2020
Format: Illustration, pencil crayon on paper

For me, in this modern world, we have become so disconnected from our roots, particularly in relation to food: where it comes from, how to grow it, and how to harvest it in a respectful, harmonious way. We are divorced from the ancient knowledge of the natural world and the rich wisdom and healing to be found therein. This piece, Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Pacific NOrthwest, represents wild and edible plants traditionally used by the Coast Salish and Sto:lo indigenous people for their powerful medicinal and life-sustaining properties.

Heather Bell

Description of the Work

A 6×11″ pencil and pencil crayon coloured image of edible and medicinal plants.


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