Inedible Cakes Projects

Black Reef Cake

Illustration, Jillian Brooks, Inedible Cakes, Febrary 2020

Creator: Jillian Brooks
Exhibition: Inedible Cakes
Published: February 2020
Format: Illustration

Description of the Work

[JJB] The Octopus looks too happy for anyone to eat this cake. (He’s eating a black forest cake, if you are wondering.) In my mind it was his first time encountering cake and was delighted by it so as a human in passing it would be wrong to break up his happiness.

[Curator] The happiness of the octopus seems to be the determining factor for why the cake is considered inedible. Is that something worth considering in the food we want to eat?

[JJB] I think so yes, the choices we make about what we eat at times are very emotion based. With more thought given I think overall people can make better choices about what we consume and why.


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