K. Alix Anttila

Instagram: @kalixarules
Collective Member.

Artist Statement

“I explore history and culture in my work, with a particular fascination for the small details that shape cultures globally and the different ways in which we experience the world depending on time, location, and community.”

K. Alix Anttila , 2021


Alix is awesome, if she does say so herself (in the third person).

The Papercut Arcade Projects:

  • SoliClue
    Creator: K. Alix AnttilaExhibition: Haven’t Got a Clue Game RemixPublished: July 2021Format: board gameContent Advisories: none Description of the Work For the Clue Game Remix challenge, I wanted to develop a solitaire version of the game. As someone who loves Clue, but lives alone, I wanted to take the opportunity to change the game into something […]
  • So You Think
    Interactive Fiction (Twine) CYOW #4 Blackout Salon, May 2021
  • The Time-Traveler’s Apprentice: A Choose Your Own Culinary Adventure
    Zine/Booklet & Index Card Interactive Project, Hungry: An Interactive Adventure Salon, June 2019