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Intro to Twine

April 11, 2021 @ 11:00 am 12:30 pm Google Meet: Archived Video

Beginner’s Guide to Twine

Join us for this workshop on Sunday, April 11th! This is a very very simply introduction video. The video is 2 mins in length and there is no sound. The video tells folks about Sunday’s event, and shows a silent view of the Twine, open source tool. There is no audio description.

Learn about Twine, the open source storytelling tool that can help you transition your story into a digital and interactive format. A basic show-and-tell session with an open Q&A session.

Start Using Twine Now: https://twinery.org/

Learning Twine (an interactive story) [download] : This is an example story that we created and shared at our workshop using Twine (Harlowe format). The story shows the actual “markup code” that was used in every passage so you could duplicate this yourself if you wanted to test and try something out!

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