Jabblescram Jonathan Dawes

Grabble Road

Creator: Jon DawesExhibition: JabblescramPublished: July 2020Format: Rules pdfContent Advisories: None Description of the Work Replacement rules for the Scrabble board game. Use the letter tiles to build a road on the game board and spell words along the way. Score points for your words and try to get more than your opponents. Artist’s Statement My […]

Game Remix: Clue Jonathan Dawes Uncategorized

Campus Life Undergrads on Ecstacy

Creator: Jon DawesExhibition: Haven’t Got a Clue Game RemixPublished: July 2021Format: Tabletop Simulator workshop, Rules pdfContent Advisories: Refers to drug use and sex Description of the Work Replacement rules for the Clue board game. You are at a party at Mr. Boddy’s old mansion, hoping to hook up with someone sexy who shares your aesthetic […]

CYOW #4: Blackout Jonathan Dawes Projects

Banana Blackout

Twine Choose Your Own Cookbook, CYOW 4: Blackout, May 2021

CYOW #3: Apocalypse Jonathan Dawes Projects

Death On Two Legs

Creator: Jon DawesExhibition: CYOW 3: ApocalypsePublished: May 2020Format: Twine (Harlowe 3.1.0)Access: Content Warning: Violence, Despair “Never trust anything on two legs.” Jenny Description of the Work Back in the eighties, when I was in high school, some of my friends (Brian and Shane) started working on a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game called “Wheelchair Wars”. The […]